We are Amy, Zoe and baby Ottilie – referred to as O most of the time – and we are Damsel, Damsel, Daughter.  A couple of 30-somethings who are celebrating our 7th year together as a couple and our first year as mothers to our first born babe, who entered the world through the sunroof in February.  We tick most of the lesbian stereotypes – Zoe is a vegetarian and will often be seen sporting a checked shirt, we own countless pairs of sensible shoes and we have 4 cats – don’t ask.

The idea of this blog first came about when we started our journey and couldn’t find the posts we wanted to read.  The ones which were real and told it how it really was for a same sex couple trying for a baby.  We had the best intentions of starting this blog when O was baking away nicely in the oven however, life still continued along-side our pregnancy – funny that.  Work still had to be attended, the tiredness of pregnancy took hold and we had the preparations, oh the many preparations and endless to-do lists to complete before she arrived.  I naively thought that we would be able to start it soon after the babe was born.  Maybe, just maybe, I slightly underestimated what a time-hogger a baby would be.

It will mainly be posts by me, Amy.  I am Mummy, I carried our chunk of a babe and am on maternity leave from work.  Zoe, aka Mama, will also be guesting on here and giving a perspective of the other mother in this girl gang we call our family.   We have been on this journey for a few years and there have been highs and lows along the way.  We intend to post open, honest and real (not always shiny and polished – please refer to picture below) content.  Not only about how we got to this point but our ongoing journey into this crazy thing they call parenthood – also known as winging it in our world.

So, this is us.  Just a normal couple of women/lesbians/feminists who have a baby girl and would love for you to stick around.

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