Still living her best life.

We thought it only right that we document the update for Ottilie’s treatment post tumour.

Since our last post we have been back with the surgeon who sent us for an ultrasound as a follow up. The sonographer couldn’t see anything untoward but Ottilie was not compliant – socks on an octopus again.

The report came back from the surgeon and it essentially said that the results of the ultrasound were pretty inconclusive. What they did see could be an ovary but they are so small at this age they couldn’t be sure. So we are going back in three months for another ultrasound – to review whether anything has grown…

And today we finally saw the geneticist. On reflection the appointment has left us a little bit flat. The fibroma was a minor marker for a genetic disorder (as alluded to in the previous posts) and she has one other marker. However at this age, the geneticist wouldn’t expect her to be displaying a full range of markers. Or enough markers to make a solid diagnosis.

We had lengthily conversations about genetics, Amy was physically examined today and has no markers for the condition. But as Ottilie was conceived by an unknown donor through The London Sperm Bank we have no information on his genes. Other than the standard tests that are performed when donations are made. And as this is a rare disorder, it wouldn’t have been tested for in any case. With that being said, every genetic condition has to start somewhere and it could be on neither side.

So Ottilie is having bloods taken this week. Initially they are testing for chromosomal abnormalities and then will test more specifically for the genetic disorder. It’s an eight week wait after each set of bloods. Between the initial GP appointment and the estimated date of blood results will be a total of 9 months. That’s a bloody long time not knowing…

Despite the operation and the numerous appointments where Ottilie has been xrayed, scanned, weighed, measured and generally poked and prodded she is totally fine. And is still living her best life and right now her best life is her crawling around most days pretending to be a cat called Riley.

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