It’s benign…


Just a quick update on Ottilie’s recent surgery, as promised. The tumour has been confirmed as benign (dancing lady emoji).

We had been told almost all along that it was likely to be a teratoma, the oncologist said he was 95% certain it was.  We got the call from Big G on Thursday 21st with the initial results of the histology.  During the call he explained that the didn’t have the full results and the mass needed to go to a gynaecological specialist for further investigation as the initial histology brought up the possibility that it may not be a teratoma but actually something called a fibroma.

We then began another week long wait for the next set of results.

We got the second call on Friday (29th) and Big G confirmed that the tumour was a fibroma.  These are extremely rare in children and toddlers, in fact they most likely occur in women over 50.  And this is why it wasn’t really a consideration in the initial appointments.

This brings up the need for some further tests for Ottilie to determine why she may have developed the tumour.  We are currently waiting for a follow up appointment with the oncologist, who will then need to refer us to a geneticist because there is a rare genetic disorder that can cause fibromas in babies/toddlers. So there will likely be a few more appointments before we get some real clarity on the situation.

But we won’t get into that, because for now we just want to enjoy the relief that comes with knowing the tumour was benign (fist bump emoji).

And as for O – she bounced straight back.  We took it easy for a couple of weeks, just some trips out for spring walks, time spent tending to her beloved ‘babal’ plant (which you can see she takes very seriously) and she is now back at nursery too – being treated like a little celebrity, we are being told, as everyone there missed her.

She seems to be so much quicker and more mobile now, like a weight has quite literally been lifted.

What an absolute champ she is (hearts for eyes emoji).


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